Susan Cooper

Founder of Cross-Culture Communications

Consultant & Trainer in the Communications field for over 20 years


Susan’s entire career has been all about harnessing it!

Susan Cooper established Cross-Culture Communications in San Francisco in 2000.


As an educator in her native city of New York, Susan co-founded a natural learning pre-school and, a few years later, an alternative university for adults that reshaped political awareness at that time.


Also in New York, Susan co-founded the publishing company Times Change Press (including the release of three books of her own), distributed by Monthly Review Press. Susan was then invited by the listener-supported Pacifica Foundation to create and host the popular weekly talk-radio program Here Comes the Sun.


Moving across the country, Susan toured Northern California as a spoken-word performance artist. She then lived for three years in Mainland China, where (improving upon three prior years of Mandarin study) she provided communications and marketing services to Suzhou Industrial Park, Yunnan Airlines, and the Ford Foundation.


Susan’s marketing and public relations experience also includes her work at The Art Board, a Madison Avenue ad agency, and AnimaTek International, an award-winning US-based Russian-operated computer graphics/animation studio.


Off work, Susan has been a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Asian body arts, with particular focus on martial arts philosophy.


In her current capacity at Cross-Culture Communications, Susan Cooper works worldwide with companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and professional individuals from a variety of language backgrounds and communications requirements.


These days, the life of a communications consultant is always intense.